Kids Club

This club is for kids just like you, that are not quite ready for braces but need to come to see us so that we can watch how your teeth are changing.

We think it's cool to see how your teeth change as you grow, and we think our Kids' Club will be cool and a lot of fun for you! Here's how it works:

  • Wear your club card to each of your orthodontic appointments and receive a WOW BUCK.
  • Spin the prize wheel and receive extra WOW BUCK$ or an instant prize.
  • Clean your teeth before you come in and get an extra WOW BUCK.
  • Earn (10) WOW BUCK$ for referring a friend to our office.
  • When you graduate from Kids' Club you can cash your WOW BUCK$ in for a prize or hang onto them if you are going to get braces.

Keep your membership card someplace special and don't forget to bring it with you to every appointment. Get your rewards and your chance to win a big prize!


1 $1.00 certificate for McDonald's
10 $5.00 certificate for Dairy Queen
  $5.00 certificate for Subway
  (1) Movie theater pass
  $10.00 certificate for Target
  $10.00 certificate for Best Buy
  $10.00 Certificate for WalMart

The prizes are the coolest and so are you! We are glad you're our patient, and we look forward to a future full of big smiles and awesome rewards!