River Bucks

Welcome to our patient incentive program! In order to help you achieve your treatment goals, we would like to reward you along the way for your cooperation. You have a chance to earn RIVERS BUCKS, which you can redeem for prizes (see separate prize list). This is our way of saying “Thank you for being such a super patient!”

A RIVER BUCK is given if:

  • Your teeth and gums are plaque-free and earn an A or a B for your brushing grade
  • You have no loose bands, brackets, or broken appliances
  • You are wearing your elastics or appliance as asked
  • You are on time for your appointment

It is possible to earn (3) RIVER BUCKS per regularly scheduled appointment. In addition, you can earn bonus BUCKS for:

  • Improved cooperation
  • Every academic "A" or "B" on your most recent report card
  • Return your hygiene incentive postcard after your 6 month cleaning for $10 in RIVER BUCKS

RIVER BUCKS can be redeemed for a number of small prizes or saved for a larger one. **We are not responsible for lost RIVER BUCKS.** All RIVER BUCKS must be cashed in before or at your removal appointment.

Good Luck!

The Three Rivers Orthodontics Team


30 River Bucks = $5.00 Gift Card
60 River Bucks = $10.00 Gift Card
90 River Bucks = $20.00 Gift Card

$5.00 Gift Cards $10.00 Gift Cards
 Dairy Queen  Target
 Subway  iTunes
 McDonalds  Walmart
 Caribou Coffee  Panera Bread
   Movie Pass
   Best Buy

Effective 8-1-2016