Treatment Process

The initial examination is a fact finding mission. At this appointment we will, introduce you to our staff and provide you with a tour of our office. We will then gather the necessary personal information and preliminary clinical information required for us to make a clinical recommendation. We will explain the orthodontic process and show you a video, which demonstrates the various steps of evaluation and record taking. We will then take what is referred to as study records.

The study records are needed prior to treatment in order to prepare a case analysis and a comprehensive treatment plan. These records consist of impressions for models of your teeth, photographs and x-rays.

We will provide you with computer simulation of the treatment options available to you. During this case presentation, we will be discussing all future treatment objectives and the orthodontic method by which these goals will be accomplished. Both the patient and parent of our younger patients (preferably both parents) should be present at this time, since the responsibilities of all parties involved will be discussed.