WOW Buck$

Welcome to our patient incentive program! In order to help you achieve your treatment goals, we would like to reward you along the way for your cooperation. You have a chance to earn WOW BUCK$, which you can redeem for prizes. This is our way of saying “Thank you for being such a super patient!”

A WOW BUCK is given if:

  • You did not miss your last appointment
  • You arrived on time for your present appointment
  • Your teeth and gums are plaque-free
  • You have no loose bands, brackets or broken appliances

It is possible to earn four (4) WOW BUCK$ per regularly scheduled appointment. In addition, you can earn bonus BUCK$ for:

  • Improved cooperation
  • Excellent elastic or appliance wear
  • (50) WOW BUCK$ for referring a friend to our office (remind them to bring their Care to Share card)
  • Every academic “A” and “B” on your most current report card
  • (10) WOW BUCK$ for returning your hygiene incentive postcards after your dental cleanings.

WOW BUCK$ can be redeemed for a number of small prizes or saved for a larger one. *We are not responsible for lost WOW BUCK$.


10 WOW Buck$ = $5.00 gift card for Dairy Queen
  $5.00 gift card for Subway
  $5.00 gift card for McDonald’s
  $5.00 gift card for Caribou Coffee
20 WOW Buck$ = $10.00 gift card for Target
  $10.00 gift card for WalMart
  $10.00 gift card for Chipotle
  $10.00 gift card for Best Buy
  $10.00 gift card for iTunes
  $10.00 gift card for Dick’s Sporting Goods
  $10.00 gift card for a Movie Pass
  $10.00 gift card for Panera Bread